DOF Robotics launches healthcare solutions

DOF Robotics launches new healthcare solutions

DOF Robotics, a developer of dynamic simulation attractions for the amusement industry, has announced the launch of a number of disinfection solutions intended to support the medical professionals and the general public currently working to tackle the COVID-19 virus. Solutions include a fully autonomous disinfection robot and a smart disinfection cabinet.

Robocare: the autonomous disinfection robot, has been specially designed to combat all kinds of viruses using the UV-C LED technology that is 6 times stronger than the Florescent UV light. Robocare is effective in killing 99.99% of virus causing viruses including the COVID-19.  

Dofense, smart disinfection cabinet, meanwhile, is a newly developed disinfection solution designed to disinfect people as they walk through. It provides instant protection against viruses by spraying the disinfectant liquid through the cabin’s nozzles. In addition, DOF has developed a smart variant equipped with advanced detection technology.

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