Plans submitted for observation wheel and adventure golf in Scarborough, UK

According, plans have been submitted for the seafront observation wheel and adventure golf course that were due to go on to the site of Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre.

For a second year, Observation Wheel UK has won the tender to operate a 32-metre high wheel on the site throughout the summer season. The wheel will have a maximum capacity of 144 passengers – six seated in each of its 24 enclosed gondolas. The company has lodged plans with the council outlining the details of the scheme before the global Covid-19 pandemic led to a lockdown of the UK. If planning permission is granted, the company will be permitted to install the attraction once the lockdown is over.

New for 2020 will be Captain Jack’s Adventure Golf, an 18-hole family golf course, to be positioned directly adjacent to the observation wheel.

The planning documents add that the adventure gold course is: “themed around pirates, the seaside and shipwrecks. The course will sit on a level platform, approx. 25x13m and 30cm above street level. This is to compensate for the natural slope of the site and to avoid damage to the existing concrete surface. The course will feature themed fiberglass ornaments such as pirate boats, barrels and palm trees and use a variety of surface treatments such as sand, imitation grass and wood to provide a fully immersive experience.

“To the rear of the golf course, it is planned that two shipping containers will be installed to securely store night fencing and accessories. To mask the façade of the containers, a 13ft high wall is to be installed with a decorative seashore image printed onto it. The wall will run the entire length of the course and provide a useful back-of-house/ storage space. Timber picket fencing approx 6-7ft tall will define the extent of the golf course, maintaining the pirate/ nautical theme.”

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