New LAI VR ride wins 2018 AMOA Innovator Award

At this year’s Amusement Expo, Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride was named a winner of the AMOA’s 2018 Innovator Award.  The ride is the industry’s first attendant-free VR attraction that operates and is serviced like other coin-op amusement games, and LAI Games, a subsidiary of Helix Leisure, has won the AMOA Innovator Award multiple times in previous years.

VR was a popular topic at the Amusement Expo, and discussions took place about what it means for the out-of-home entertainment industry.

“We are greatly humbled and honored to have received such an important award,” said managing director for LAI Games, Mirry Glavan. “the AMOA Innovator Award for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. LAI Games is paving the way for innovation in the out-of-home entertainment industry, and awards like this confirm we are doing it right. We are very fortunate to have such a creative and passionate team who make innovative products like this possible.”

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride was created in partnership with video game developer Ubisoft, and features the Rabbids brand in three experiences suitable for all ages. The ride employs a D-Box motion platform, HTC Vive headsets, dynamic wind simulation, and hi-fi audio.

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