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Funny Birds exhibit at IAAPI Mumbai

Sacona Entertainment, headquartered in Bangalore, India, revealed a new product at February’s IAAPI Exhibition in Mumbai. Funny Birds, an arcade game, is designed for children from ages four to 18.

Ice man

With a 42-inch-sized monitor this is a very visual machine that includes water mist rising from the playing field to add to the atmosphere. 

Gum Drop

Gum Drop is a new redemption game that features a large cast of characters providing quick action, sounds, and a bright graphics package.

Go Go Chicken

Electrocoin’s new game, GoGo Chicken, is a capsule vending machine also designed for the redemption market.

Pirate Falls

Pirate Falls is an action-packed pirate-themed redemption game that works by simply moving the barrel controller left and right, to keep the pirate balanced on the floating log while attempting to collect the treasures that fall down the…

BSR pushes bespoke games area

At IAAPA 2017, Bob’s Space Racers featured a complete games area especially themed for the Al Hokair Group in Saudi Arabia and is looking for new clients for its bespoke creations. 

World of Rides adds Future Bikes

World of Rides is launching its brand-new fully illuminated parent and child 12v battery operated Future Bikes to UK leisure operators at the Farm Park and Holiday Park Innovation Expo in November.