Big brands join forces for Halo: Fire Team Raven

Bandai Namco Amusement Europe has the exclusive rights to Halo: Fire Team Raven, a four-player game hailed as the most ground-breaking out-of-home gaming experience in decades.

Available only in arcade customised cabinets, Halo: Fire Team Raven, created by Raw Thrills, in collaboration with Play Mechanix and 343 Industries, will distribute into the EMEA this summer after an initial launch in Chicago.

Up to 4-players take part in the events of the original Halo storyline from an all new perspective – the ODST soldiers of Fireteam Raven. The aim of the game is to provide cover fire and mission assistance for Master Chief and defeat fan-favourite enemies like the Covenant and Flood. The full arsenal of weapons from across the Halo universe is available to use, while players can enjoy cutting edge 4K graphics on Play Mechanix’s NexaGen arcade game engine.

A dual 65” screen panoramic display sets the stage as Fireteam Raven transports players into the world of Halo where they can get lost in the environmental cabinet, featuring force feedback ODST weapons and booming 5.1 surround sound.

“We are excited to be part of this project and to be working with one of the biggest brands and game titles in the world; brought into the amusement market by Raw Thrills. We are certain this game will be a hit.  More news to follow about this epic title closer to the landing date,” says James Anderson, commercial and sales director, BNAE.

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